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Printer ribbon fault handling

1, the ribbon ribbon breaking force is too large, broken suture or hammer broken Ribbon Ribbon lead fracture. In the former case, the broken part can be cut off and stitched again. In the latter case, only the ribbon can be replaced.
2, ribbons are card – ribbons off the edge of the hair, easily entangled after the ribbon pulley, causing the ribbon wheel to be stuck, the ribbon can not be retracted into the ribbon box. The solution is: first open the printer cover, the ribbon rotary arm and hammer handle to open the interlocking row, in the end will send the ribbon box with ribbon gently back, and then close the ribbon rotary arm and hammer row interlock handle, turn on the power, the machine in the post will be put back into the ribbon cartridge.
3, belt drive wheel drive belt wear or fracture – this fault is due to the drive belt use time is too long or character chain friction drive belt caused. The solution is to adjust the position of the character chain so that it does not rub the drive belt any longer; replace it if it has been broken.
4, the ribbon motion sensing signal interrupt – check the ribbon motion sensing signal line is damaged, please replace the signal line if the fault; check the interlock ribbon motion sensing J6 signal line socket at the conversion board is damaged or not contact, please replace or insert signal line

Printer ribbon maintenance

1, we should learn to keep the printer’s Ribbon “forever” moist.
2. We should operate the paper thickness adjuster skillfully and ensure that the head of the printer and the surface of the printed paper are always at a suitable distance for this purpose.
3, usually use the printer, learn to Ribbon “operation””.
4, we need to learn to add energy to the printer’s ribbon”. That is the ink on the printer ribbon.

How do you change the ribbon?

After 1, you open the ribbon box cover, look no gear while walking the ribbon channel, A: straight ribbon to choose: flush, B: the need to reverse the ribbon to normal by the said choice must choose the twisted ribbon.
2, choose the ribbon, usually with a core packaging will have a layer of plastic film, first carefully torn, hold the upper and lower boxes (or with a core will spread out) there will be a general arrow on the carton, an arrow toward no gear side will take core buckle in the bottom box (box under the ribbon cage then, within) loading core at the bottom of the paper drag out, be careful with open top boxes.
3, finishing the belt core, will be out of the mouth (without the side of the gear) to pull out a part of the core, in accordance with the previous inspection (first steps) channel, plug, and use shrapnel to press well.

Ribbon selection

1 ribbon ribbon base
Generally speaking, the ribbon base is made of nylon silk as raw material, and its quality directly influences the service life of the ribbon and the ability of the ink to adhere and permeate. At present, the ribbons of printed ribbons sold on the market are divided into nylon 6 and nylon 66, and the difference between the two is that the chemical composition of nylon is different.
2, ink
Of course, the ink is very important, good ink particles is very small, will not cause blockage of pinhole, liquidity is very good, very uniform ink coating when pH value, strong adsorption, moisture resistance, slow beat and durability when printing color transition.
3, interface
As we know, the interface of the ribbon is smooth and thin, the error is relatively small, the degree of hardening is very light, the printing time does not hang the needle, the interface strength is stronger, and the tensile resistance is also strong.
4, service quality
In addition to the quality of the ribbon itself, I think the quality of ribbon after-sales service is also very important

Ribbon sorting

Ribbon is a kind of printing consumables that we are familiar with. From the earliest mechanical impact type English printer to printer later, and then to the currently used mainly for photo printing, dye sublimation printer, use a ribbon. Under the count, currently used ribbon office equipment is really a lot, such as thermal transfer ribbon fax machine, printer, printer, digital printing machine, punch machine, attendance machine, machine, card machine, typewriter, tax control machine, automatic teller machine, bar code machine etc.. Of course, these different devices are used for different types of ribbon, because different devices of ribbon material, length, width, color and other projects have put forward different requirements, people in order to make the ribbon can adapt to the need of all kinds of office equipment, is developed a variety of ribbon, so now the ribbon is the variety of products, all kinds of.
The difference from the print principle, the ribbon mainly can be divided into a needle type ribbon, traditional thermal transfer ribbon, and later gradually appeared, the popularity of the sublimation ribbon three. The former is mainly applied to the printer, English printers, punch and attendance machine and other office equipment, thermal transfer ribbon is mainly used for fax machines and barcode machines and other office equipment, ribbon is used for sublimation dye sublimation printer and digital printing machines and other office equipment.

The difference between the ribbon and ribbon.

The ribbon is dedicated barcode printer consumables, it covers a layer of toner, in print, print hair hot toner printing to the label on it, this process is called thermal transfer ribbon, which is generally a universal printer needle type printer consumable material, ribbon is used with a stylus printer, is made of cloth! The ribbon is used for fax machine! The ribbon is the fax machine, showing the drum. The ribbon is cloth.

What’s the ribbon?

The composition of the ribbon is very simple, that is, the nylon silk as the raw material woven with the base, after the ink immersion, dyeing made. The ribbon, the base should be durable, high elasticity, long time printing lint free, continuous line, not from lotus leaf edge. Its performance is mainly with flat base surface, no protruding fiber knot, warp and weft density organization uniform and tight, cutting straight and uniform, no coke paste phenomenon. Touch: good base has a soft, smooth feeling. Good elasticity at the time of pulling and good recovery. Bad break spinning ribbon base badly, touch feeling stiff, the cutting edge is not uniform, with burnt badly, pull small elasticity and resilience, often prone to print entrainment, flounces, block needle, cassette etc.

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